Aug 5, 2011

Classic Links

I really enjoyed this clip about the making of King Kong (1933). I never thought about how much Kong’s relative size changes in that flick-- NPR

These Elizabeth Taylor quotes perfectly reflect her no-nonsense attitude-- Cinema Style

A convincing argument for handling anyone who would call a movie from 1986 a classic-- Movie Morlocks/TCM

Bobby Driscoll in The Window (1945), and a bit about his sad life story-- Blogdanovich

This is a fantastic interview with a silent movie accompanist. He shares some interesting information about his preparation techinques and improvisation-- Out of the Past

Part of an early Alfred Hitchcock film thought to be lost has been found in New Zealand. Not a film he directed, but wrote and edited-- Alt Film Guide


  1. Thank you very much for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

  2. Raquelle--I've been into interviews a lot lately. This one definitely answered a lot of my questions. I love how you crowdsourced some of the questions as well.