Aug 10, 2011

Classic Links

There aren’t many critics today who would dismiss Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo the way it was in this 1958 review-- The Guardian

The Murder Man (1935), with Spencer Tracy and Virginia Bruce-- And. . .Scene

Laura sent Jimmy Stewart a Christmas Card. See what she got in return-- Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

This isn’t specifically classic movie-related, but I had to share this interesting post about ebooks and why so many authors are embracing them-- Another Old Movie Blog

Mythical Monkey, thank you for giving the Liebster award to Classic Movies. It’s wonderful to be appreciated for something that I enjoy doing so much. Picking five blogs would be like deciding which child to keep! I like to look at my links as a similar sort of recognition that is intended to build traffic for others. I hope that will suffice-- A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies


  1. Congrats! KC, for your well deserved Liebster Award.

  2. Thanks Dawn! It's always nice to be recognized.