Oct 7, 2011

Classic Links

RIP Charles Napier. I loved him best in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970). He had a fantastic grin--Edward Copeland on Film , Moon in the Gutter

The trailer for My Week With Marilyn. Michelle Williams is a fine actress, but she doesn’t seem to capture the essence of Marilyn Monroe. I don’t think anyone could. That’s why she continues to fascinate us— /Film

50 years of Blake Edwards’ Breakfast At Tiffany’s-- NPR

The new Myrna Loy biography, and why its worth reading even if you’ve had the luck to check out Being and Becoming, Loy’s beloved autobiography-- Immortal Ephemera

Check out all the amazing posts for the Carole Lombard blogathon. Classic movie fans adore this woman!-- Carole and Co.


  1. Thanks KC! Honored to have made back into the Links so soon after their comeback! Now I've got to go read a bunch of Carole Lombard posts.

  2. I enjoyed your review Cliff. I've owned Being and Becoming for years and haven't read it. I need to get on that. Looks like I've now got another Loy book I need to read as well. It'll take a while to get through all those Lombard posts!