Oct 17, 2011

Classic Links

This post is about some of the great screen teams that never happened. I could have sworn some of these people did work together, because they are perfect pairings. Did Jimmy Stewart and Barbara Stanwyck really never work together? (I just checked; they really didn’t)-- The Girl With the White Parasol

Java gives the heads up about Debbie Reynolds’ second auction on December 3, 2011. I think I may buy the catalogue this time.-- Java's Journey

These are fascinating pics of Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine as young girls.-- Olivia and Joan: Sisters of the Silver Screen

I always wondered about this Charlotte Chandler dame myself. Do any of you know much about her?-- Persblancs Classic B-Movie Reviews

Great to see Page back with another entertaining screen shot review-- My Love of Old Hollywood


  1. There seem to be quite a few doubts about Chandler as her juiciest stuff comes from one-on-one interviews conducted decades ago with no further documentation available because her subjects supposedly only revealed these items to her. I don't know. I ran into her when she picked on Warren William pretty hard in her Bette Davis biography. Wild stuff about him, but since he's dead there's no libel. Couldn't find any similar references anywhere I dug though. After the Davis book I can't see myself buying another.

  2. Thanks Cliff. I think the fact that it is so difficult to find information about this woman is a big red flag. Especially since her subjects are always dead by the time her books come out.