Oct 3, 2011

Goodbye to Gerald and the Return of Classic Links

Starting up again with the Classic Links is bittersweet, because I got some sad news during my hiatus.

I was sorry to hear that Gerald of Laszlos on Lex passed this August. It was always a treat to get an email or comment from him, the only man I have ever described as a “gentleman blogger”. He was a fine writer and a kind soul. I’ll miss his unique posts and gallant manner.

I remember being confused the first time he posted a comment at Classic Movies. He mentioned that he and his wife were devoted Cunarders. I had to look that up.

Another time Gerald had difficulty embedding a link of Cole Porter singing Anything Goes into a post. Since I’d shown an interest, he emailed the link to me so that I could hear a particular stanza in which Porter mentioned Anna Sten. I was so charmed by that gesture! I also loved Gerald's story about singing the song on the streets of New York with his young pals.

And I thought his crush on Ella Raines was so darn cute!

After spending a while re-reading his comments here, it surprises me to realize how much he visited. No wonder it felt so strange not to hear from him the past few months. He put a lot of thought into his comments; they were like little postcards. I loved how he always signed off “Best. Gerald”. I always imagined him bowing and tipping his hat after writing that.

There have been some beautiful tributes to Gerald written by Matthew (who introduced most, if not all of us to the man in the first place), Laura, Tom and Java. Tom has also compiled a great list of some of Gerald’s most memorable posts .

It breaks my heart to see the last post on a blog because the writer is no longer with us, but Gerald did write a beautiful farewell.

This little ditty is for you Gerald. Best. KC:


On to a few more links:

This great mix of clips from Georges Melies films gave me a perma-grin-- Vimeo

Fashion dolls turned into classic Hollywood actresses. I love the lipstick on the Joan Crawford doll-- Blame Mame

Remember to check out the Dick van Dyke Blogathon today!— Thrilling Days of Yesteryear


  1. Welcome back, KC, you and Classic Links were missed but I hope you had a wonderful September!

    Thanks for this lovely tribute to Gerald and for making me aware that Tom had collected links to some of Gerald's best posts. I hadn't come across that yet. I've updated my original post on Gerald's passing with links to both.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Laura! I got a bit teary reading all of Gerald's old comments. I even remembered some from over a year ago because they had tickled me so much. It was always such a treat to hear from him.