Nov 14, 2011

Classic Links

Java does a fantastic job describing her experience seeing West Side Story (1961) in a theater. It’s all about the details you see on the big screen that can be lost on television.-- Java’s Journey 

I feel sorry for this contestant on Jeopardy who didn’t know who Joan Fontaine was. Of course it’s not because she lost the cash. It’s just depressing that she lives in a world without Letter From an Unknown Woman, Rebecca and of course, Born to Be Bad-- Olivia and Joan: Sisters of the Silver Screen 

This is a great idea for a blogging event. Check out the links in the comments for this post for the contributions to the Great Citizen Kane Debate. True Classics 

Pitfall (1948) is an unusual film noir, because the femme fatale is one of the nicest gals you could ever meet. She inspires men to behave badly, but she doesn't encourage it-- Classic Movie Ramblings 

Not like I haven’t noticed it before, but man was Veronica Lake tiny. These are promo shots for So Proudly We Hail (1943). She was heartbreaking in this movie. I thought it was her best dramatic performance. It really showed what she could do-- Film Noir Photos

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