Nov 21, 2011

Classic Links

This post has an astounding nine versions of the jaunty opening theme from Come September (1961), which was composed by Bobby Darin, who is also a star in the movie. The first three are pretty good. I really like the Ventures version-- Rock Hudson Blog 

Another great book give away. This time it’s a copy of My Week With Marilyn-- Old Hollywood Glamour 

I imagine the only way to look at a book full of classic stars jumping in the air is with a big, silly grin-- The Silver Screen Affair 

It will be interesting to see how Georges Melies is incorporated into Hugo (2011). I’m dying to see this!-- NPR 

I’m not sure what to make of the Natalie Wood case being reopened. Something seems sketchy about it. I’m sort of curious to know what happened, but it might not be nice to know-- The Guardian

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  1. A truly inspired opening sequence for "Come September," a great tune and a vintage (now) car to show off the beauty of Rome, the film is perfect for a gray and rainy winter day. I agree with you, I prefer The Ventures version of a song in almost every case. I’m also looking forward to seeing “Hugo,” since Scorsese is a big fan of classic films and a supporter of film preservation; I expect he’ll do right by the memory of the French film pioneer.

  2. I also adore that car. I'd need to get a snappier wardrobe if I had a set of wheels like that! I agree that Scorsese has so much love for the classics that he is sure to tell this story well. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie.