Dec 23, 2011

Classic Links

RIP Doe Avedon Siegel, an actress who was the inspiration for what would be the Hepburn character in Funny Face (1957)— IMDB 

Welles’ Citizen Kane Oscar sold for $861,000 (and not to David Copperfield, despite his best efforts)— IMDB 

That Oscar, and the sale of the statues in general, has an interesting history— The Guardian 

Jack Klugman is returning to the stage at 89!— IMDB

I really want to see The Wicked Lady (1945), partly because it has a great plot and cast, but mostly because this review is so well-written it got me excited to see it— The Girl With the White Parasol 

Class warfare as musical comedy— Pussy Goes Grrr

What better way to celebrate the holidays then to read this entertaining review of The Fly (1958)?— Who Can Turn the World Off With Her Smile?

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  1. I'm so glad Rachel's post (and blog in general) is getting so much love in the blogosphere, especially in such reputable blogs as The Self-Styled Siren's and yours. And speaking of which, thank you on my behalf, too!

    Strange how I'd never heard of Doe Avedon. Some of her pictures almost resemble Audrey, which is fitting.

  2. Me reputable? Hee hee! Kind of you to say it though.

    I love the way Rachel writes. She makes it look so easy. I'd say the same about you too Laura! The two of you never fail to entertain and intrigue.

    I'd never heard of Doe Avedon specifically, though I did know a bit about the inspiration for Funny Face. It's interesting how many people you learn about for the first time once they are gone. Doe is a lovely name!