Dec 30, 2011

Classic Links

Whether or not it was Tarzan’s Cheetah who died, an elderly primate has left us. Isn’t that reason enough to mourn?— The Guardian, Alt Film Guide

I never thought I would be interested in watching the Opposite Sex, but this post makes a good case for it—  The Silver Screen Affair

I’m just sharing this link because you can never see too much of the Dali/Disney collaboration Destino-- The Atlantic

This article puts Breakfast at Tiffanys (1961) in a totally different light for me. It’s really more “you go girl” than you’d think. I finally understand why I like it so much— The Guardian 

I am so with this post. I was born in the right decade to enjoy the best parts of the past— Flying Down to Hollywood 

All these winking photos are messing with my mind! The first three looked cute, but after that it just looked like everyone had an eyelid problem. Is it just me seeing this? I think winking may just be better in motion— Film Noir Photos

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