Jan 6, 2012

Classic Links

 Have you seen the version of Metropolis with songs by Adam Ant and Freddie Mercury? It’s kind of awful and kind of mesmerizing. This review sums it up beautifully, though Chris is more generous about all the tinkering than I am— Silent Volume 

There’s a new print of Napoleon (1927) with 30 more minutes of newly found footage. It’s also been restored. I can’t wait to check this out— Criterion Cast 

Going through Marilyn Monroe's clothes before they go up for auction (at least, that was the part that interested me)-- Slate

This is a nice tribute to Cary Grant’s daughter Jennifer. I love the interview clip— Noir and Chick Flicks 

I’m excited to see a big UPA cartoon collection coming out. So much good stuff— ClassicFlix

The Natalie Wood investigation is now a cold case. It seems like it should never have been re-opened. The whole thing is so sad. I feel sorry for her loved ones and especially her sister— IMDB


  1. "It’s kind of awful and kind of mesmerizing." I just watched some of it a few nights ago, and that about sums it up. A lot of the music works better than it logically should.

  2. Laura--Yes! You are so right about the music. I got to where I couldn't handle it, but I never fully disliked it. Sometimes it fit brilliantly. I really need to see this again.

    Thanks Kenneth.