Jan 11, 2012

Classic Links

As some of you know, I usually get in a snit when Hollywood classics are remade. I suppose you could make the argument that this one isn’t technically a remake, but I’m fascinated by this new take on the Wizard of Oz. This is a world that I feel could be interpreted in new ways, especially since it came from such a rich series of books. – /Film 

I think I’ve posted these Saul Bass title sequences before, but there’s no way to overdo these beauties— Movie Title Stills Collection (via /Film)

Wow, this Kim Novak thing is crazy. I was turned off by the language she used in her statement (her use of the ‘r’ word upset me the most), but I can’t weigh in until I see The Artist (2011). I’m not sure I’m interested enough in the whole uproar to revisit it though.

The first thing I thought of when I read her statement was, “I wonder if she’s seen Greenhilly?” It’s a sketch from an old episode of SNL. Does anyone remember this? Alec Baldwin is visiting this fancy estate, and the joke is that he is so alluring that he drives everyone to kiss him, from a maid to the family dog (who has a long tongue and a penchant for frenching—don’t worry, it’s a puppet). The first time I ever heard the love theme from Vertigo was in that sketch. I wonder what Novak would think of the use of the score for a satire like that?

Except for this teeny clip that doesn’t do it justice, I can’t find the sketch anywhere online, but at least you can hear the music. This site has the sketch transcript and a shot of the amorous doggy.

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor? I think Lohan’s voice would make it difficult for me to accept her in the role. This picture of her in Interview dressed as Taylor makes me think of a little girl playing dress up! Actually, who the heck could play Taylor? We ought to just leave that one alone— The Advocate 

The Jane Powell exercise tape. I love it!— Comet Over Hollywood 

I have no trouble believing that Joan Collins is totally sane.— IMDB 

I think Universal should bring back the little plane for their new logo— Criterion Cast Image Source


  1. Oh, she so went over the line. What a ridiculous statement. Awful.

    Yeah, who could play Taylor? Not Lohan!

  2. Novak has a history of boldly speaking her mind. I don't get the impression she stops to think things over very much.

    I still think Lohan has some good performances in her, but she ought to stop trying to do impressions. She might be better off playing herself.