Jan 13, 2012

Classic Links

A book about the real life events that inspired Double Indemnity-- Shadows and Satin 

I’m disappointed that the new Loy bio. does not appear to have much more to say than the actress said about herself in her autobiography, Being and Becoming. I’ve had a copy of that for years and still haven’t read it. I should get on that! This is a thoughtful review- Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence 

I always liked Gloria Grahame, because she seems like the kind of dame who could talk you into a lot of trouble on a girls’ night out-- Film Noir Photos 

People who write like this astound me. It must be a lot of fun in this woman’s brain-- Asleep in New York

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  1. Oh, you should definitely bounce Being and Becoming up towards the top of your reading list!

  2. I know Cliff, what is wrong with me? But then, I just got a library book that I'd been waiting for for weeks. And before that I had a review copy to read. This is why it's taking me so long. There's always something else demanding my attention! I'll at least put it on the reading pile though. Can't wait!