Jan 20, 2012

Classic Links

A bio of Alice Faye with tons of gorgeous photos— My Love of Old Hollywood 

I love this comparison of the very similar and yet dramatically different 1937 and 1952 versions of The Prisoner of ZendaSidewalk Crossings 

Do you know your Hitchcock cameos? Take this quiz to find out. I’m ashamed to say I missed a couple (maybe ashamed is an overstatement)— Mental Floss 

Now Elizabeth Taylor’s art collection is going to be auctioned. Every time there’s a Taylor auction, I remember how she considered herself to be not the owner, but only the temporary custodian of her jewels. I wonder if she felt that way about the rest of her possessions? I think it’s a great philosophy-- IMDB 

TCM’s list of the 10 most influential silent films. No surprises here!— Criterion Cast 

How to live in a noir past— The Poison Pen 

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  1. LOL. Oh dear, my score was awful. Fun test.

  2. Well at least you enjoyed yourself thingy! I love Mental Floss quizzes.