Jan 27, 2012

Classic Links

This is an interesting post about the alleged musical rape in The Artist (2011) and musical homage in general— All Talking! All Singing All Dancing! 

“. . .she wants audience reaction shots of dewy 20-year-old starlets looking puzzled as shit at the sight of Janet Gaynor.” Heehee. I’m guessing a lot of you have already read this post, but if you haven’t—it’s a must-- Self-Styled Siren 

Katherine Heigl grumbles about her long work hours on the set until Debbie Reynolds tells her she used to dance with bleeding feet. Take that you young whippersnapper!— IMDB 

Megan Fox won’t be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming television biopic. Now that the project has gotten attention, the producers are free to hire an unknown! Or can we still just drop the whole thing?— IMDB 

RIP screenwriter Robert Dozier, son of producer William Dozier— Vineyard Gazette 

I like this review of Mary Pickford's Kiki (1931), because while it is honest about the movie's shortcomings, it also acknowledges the charm of its ill-cast, but irresistible star— Movietone Cameos


  1. Thanks for making me aware of Robert Dozier's death. He sure had an interesting set of stepmothers. :)

    LOL re the Debbie Reynolds/Katherine Heigl story!

    Best wishes,

  2. I couldn't believe that was the only mention I saw of Dozier's death! You'd think at least his stepmothers would have given him more attention.

    I've always thought it so ungrateful the way Heigl constantly complains about work. I can think of a lot of people who would be happy to be in her position! So the Reynolds thing was great. Maybe she'll eventually realize how privileged she is.