Feb 6, 2012

Classic Links

The “Gone Too Soon” and “March in March” blogathons should be a lot of fun. Any others coming up that I have missed?— Comet Over Hollywood, Sittin’ On A Backyard Fence

The mysterious disappearance of 1940’s starlet Jean Spangler-- MSNBC 

I’m with Scorsese. It would be great to see Dial M For Murder (1954) in 3D, as it was meant to be seen— 3D TV Watcher 

Most of the pics in this post about masks in the movies scared the crap out of me. I’ve never thought about the powerful effect they have in film— Movie Morlocks/TCM 

It’s funny how Stephen Bogart looks exactly and nothing like his father at the same time-- Washington Post


  1. Ooh, an intriguing mystery, but I'm gonna guess the ex did it.

  2. I agree thingy. The Dr. thing didn't seem likely to me.