Feb 15, 2012

Classic Links

This is a wonderful radio tribute to Carmen Miranda with lots of interviews and music. Well worth the half hour— The Kitchen Sisters 

An interesting interview with marvelous Max von Sydow. He reveals that Ingmar Bergman had a great sense of humor and liked to keep things fun on the set. I suppose he would have to what with the kind of subject matter he explored— The Guardian 

How Ida Lupino, Marsha Hunt and Loretta Young and other actresses got their big breaks— Shadows and Satin 

I love these unsung romances, but they are so bittersweet. They get you teary while you are mid-swoon— Who Can Turn the World Off With Her Smile? 

This is a great story about the discovery, conservation and restoration of films abandoned in places all over the world and the complications of saving them. In essence, digital is not forever, but what is?— Observations on Film Art 

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