Feb 17, 2012

Classic Links

So Raquel Welch thinks Mae West was a man? It’s easy to make wild comments about the dead, isn’t it Ms. Welch?— IMDB 

More about Welch’s West comments, in addition to her films and wigs— Slate 

A beautifully-written article about the legendary Romanoff’s Supper Club—including a few recipes— KCET 

Why do you like the movies you like? This is an interesting post— Sidewalk Crossings 

The MI5 spied on Charlie Chaplin— The Guardian 

RIP Betty Barker, Joan Crawford’s long-time assistant— Alt Film Guide 

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  1. So Raquel Welch thinks Mae West was a man.

    Say WHAT!! Maybe.. she just did not age well..

  2. Dawn--I thought that was a mean thing to say, even if West did rub her the wrong way! Joke or not, it came off pretty catty.