Feb 20, 2012

Classic Links

Dolores Hart is returning to Hollywood for the Oscars!— Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings 

This is a fantastic tribute to Ann Savage. She really does bite off the ends of words— The Sheila Variations 

Check out all the posts for the Classic Film and TV CafĂ©’s Dogathon— The Classic Movie Blog Association 

I love these screenshots of classic actors in cartoons, but why did they do that to poor Garbo?— The Silver Screen Affair 

It’s weird to see Lucille Ball as a blonde and William Cagney looks so much like his brother James!— Film Noir Photos


  1. Thanks KC for the wonderful links. I especially enjoyed the Ann Savage birthday tribute. Ann was terrific in Detour!

  2. Glad you liked the links Monty. That was a fantastic Savage tribute. She stood out among the other noir dames, and Sheila explained why so vividly.