Feb 22, 2012

Classic Links

When in doubt, remember this advice from Katharine Hepburn, “1. Never quit; 2. be yourself; and 3. don't put too much flour in your brownies.”-- The Telegraph 

More about Mother Dolores Hart and her return to Hollywood for the Oscars— LA Times 

Saul Bass wrote a children’s book and of course it is lovely— Brain Pickings 

I always love to look at Bass’ title sequences as well— Brain Pickings 

This is an interesting profile of a 99-year-old Academy member who has been acting since the 50s— LA Times 

It turns out Lindsay Lohan has been cast as Elizabeth Taylor for that Lifetime movie. She’ll get to play the role if she behaves herself, so who knows what will happen?— IMDB 

Wow—what a beautiful film book library! Mine is definitely not this impressive— Art, Movies, Wood and Whatnot 

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