Feb 29, 2012

Classic Links

Jacqueline from Another Old Movie Blog has published a book of her film essays. Swell!— Another Old Movie Blog 

Here’s an explanation of Jean Dujardin’s greeting to “Melissa” during his acceptance speech. I have to admit I didn’t catch that part, or most of the speech. I was too excited— Movie Crazy/Leonard Maltin 

A restoration of the dreamy and devastating Children of Paradise (1945) will tour this year. Be still my beating heart!— Criterion Cast/Trailer 

What makes a classic film a classic? There are some good theories here— The Kitty Packard Pictorial 

This is a great Oscar fashion wrap-up that shows how many of those lovely dresses this year touched on the past. It also pays tribute to the enduring appeal of an exposed leg (though it does depend on the leg)— Movie Star Makeover 

I love this fascinating description of Dolores Hart and Elvis in some of their scenes together-- The Sheila Variations 

I didn’t know there was a color version of The Artist (2011). Thank heaven they never did, or plan to, release it-- IMDB

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