Feb 14, 2012

Valentine Links

I've seen so many wonderful Valentine's and love-themed posts over the past few weeks that I thought I'd collect them for a special edition of Classic Links.

 I can’t celebrate Valentine’s day without a clip of what is supposed to be the first kiss in movie history— Brain Pickings 

This Greta Garbo card is the best valentine I have ever seen— Immortal Ephemera 

A gorgeous gallery of actresses with hearts-- Pictures 

I've heard about all of these classic star romances several times, but something about the way they have been put together here is especially touching— A Person in the Dark 

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  1. Thank you !
    And here is another one, posted just today : http://dsata.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-funny-valentine-4.html

  2. Thanks for the link KC! I haven't had one yet but I've also seen a Hedy Lamarr Valentine in the same style as the Garbo I had, which makes me wonder if there might be others!

  3. Dsata--I loved the valentine gallery as well. When don't I love what you post?

    Cliff--It would be amazing to see the Lamarr valentine. I hope you find it. I suppose if anyone was going to run across it, it would be you!