Mar 30, 2012

Classic Links and Upcoming Events

I’ve got two ridiculously exciting events coming up at Classic Movies in April:

Georges Méliès

The first is a tribute to a man you could call the godfather of this blog (he’s also the creator of the moon you see floating above), Georges Méliès. I’ve wanted to pay tribute to this creative, innovative artist for a long time. The upcoming DVD release of the new color restoration of A Trip to the Moon (1902) has provided the perfect opportunity to do so. From April 1-7 I will share daily reviews, videos and delightful tidbits about my favorite pioneering French filmmaker. 

Guest Classic Linkers 

Those of you who have managed to stick with me for the past year may remember that I had a wonderful group of guests helping me with the Classic Links for a couple of weeks last spring. I held that event because I was in the beached whale phase of my pregnancy, and could not manage to reach the remote on the other side of the couch, let alone come up with links.

Though I am eating for one this year, it was so much fun to play hostess to such talented people that I’m going to do it again. Join me from April 17-26 to see the inspired choices of eight more bloggers. It’s going to be fun!

Okay—on to the links:

The schedule for the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival. What an amazing group of events—  TCM

This clip of British filmmaker Ronald Neame talking about how the ending of Brief Encounter (1945) always movies him to tears made me choke up a bit myself-- The Criterion Collection 

It’s funny how a piece of music can completely change the tone of anything. For example: check out these two versions of the opening credits for The Blob (1958). I’ve always loved the song, but if it didn’t exist, I’d appreciate the soundtrack music as well. I probably wouldn’t remember it like I do that catchy ditty though— Cinema Styles 

Belita, the Ice Maiden: Monogram Studio’s version of ice skating queen Sonja Henie. I didn’t know there had ever been a skate noir filmed, but here is the story— Classic Movie Chat 

Cary Grant had a spray-on tan? Really?— 

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