Mar 7, 2012

Classic Links

Marlene Dietrich’s wardrobe secrets. I was surprised to learn she loved jeans— The Guardian 

This is an interesting review of the pre-code drama Temple Drake (1933), starring Miriam Hopkins— Thrilling Days of Yesteryear 

RIP Martha Stewart, 89. I knew her best as Gloria Grahame’s masseuse from In a Lonely Place (1950)— Chicago Tribune 

This is an interesting article about Hedy Lamarr’s work on frequency hopping technology— CBS News 

Photos from the set of Ace in the Hole (1951)— The Criterion Collection 

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  1. I was watching a Sunday morning program that had a segment about Hedy Lamarr. It really was fascinating. She was a brilliant woman who was not taken seriously as a brain, but only for her looks. It also mentioned she had botched plastic surgery and she became a recluse.

  2. The plastic surgery thing makes me sad. It made her a prisoner of her looks to the end. I can't figure out if she had any other ideas, or if this was pretty much her big inspiration. I get the impression that the book doesn't answer that.