Mar 16, 2012

Classic Links

Eva Marie Saint in a new interview about working with Hitchcock— 

Check out this new site devoted to classic movies. I’m surprised there isn’t already something out there like this! It looks like it will be a great resource— The Cinementals 

An overdue appreciation of George Brent— Screen Snapshots 

The ten most expensive film posters. Wow, Karloff and Lugosi are golden. I’m having a hard time figuring out what that giant pale lady on the Flying Down to Rio poster is doing— The Guardian 

Oh mercy, this focus group sketch from the Oscars still gives me the giggles. I love this group so much— Facebook/Fred Willard 

Monty is going to host a summer-long blogathon. He’s inviting everyone to join him on a Cinematic World Tour. Check it out– All Good Things 

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