Mar 26, 2012

Classic Links

Now that’s a version of Ghostbusters I’d like to see— The Cinementals 

This is a fascinating group of classic actress eyebrow shots. Marilyn Monroe had such a pointy arch— Old Hollywood Glamour 

A trip through the history of title design— Riku Writes 

Classic movie star houses then and now. They look so humble compared to the celebrity estates you see today— The Silver Screen Affair 

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  1. ...I want to see that version of Ghostbusters soooo bad! With Lee and Cushing, it has to be a Hammer production, of course.

  2. I remember Davis not jiving with the Hammer studio filming/productions style when she did The Anniversary for them. So you'd have the added bonus of a crazy set and lots of good Davis stories! Aren't Price and Strode inspired additions to the Hammer guys? Woody Strode makes everything better.