Mar 28, 2012

Classic Links

I've never heard of Goodbye Again (1933), with Joan Blondell and Warren William, but it looks like a lot of fun. How could it not be with those two?— Can’t Stop the Movies 

It’s sad to think of Warner Hollywood Studio being torn down. The movies that came from these buildings are more important, but they are still an interesting part of movie history— Alt Film Guide 

This is a good review of No Man of Her Own (1950), starring Barbara Stanwyck. I recently discovered this on Instant Play; it’s maternal noir -- Movie Morlocks/TCM 

A brief, thoughtful tribute to Luis Buñuel— The Guardian 

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  1. i just revistied Goodbye Again recently on an old VHS tape of mine, totally wacked out film, very funny! and yeah i agree with those 2 you really cant lose! Warren William is like a Tex Avery wolf on crack in that one, he's outta control, haha! btw, i would KILL for that poster i tell ya!

  2. You're so lucky to have seen it Artman. That poster would look fantastic in your collection! But where would you have the room? You might have to start putting things on the ceiling.