Apr 11, 2012

Classic Links

Monty has put up banners for his summer-long Cinematic Trip Around the World blogathon— All Good Things 

Here’s another great blogathon idea: The Best Hitchcock Films Hitchcock Never Made— Classic Becky’s Brain Food 

A beautiful review of God is the Bigger Elvis, a documentary about former Hollywood actor Mother Prioress Dolores Hart. I love this quote: ”In the clip of King Creole that opens the film, Hart's listening is so intense that it seems her heart is on the outside of her skin, which was one of her gifts as an actress.”-- Press Play 

This is a great post about the Margaret Herrick Library in Beverly Hills. It’s apparently an amazing resource for classic film fans. This must be true, because I see it mentioned in the notes of practically every movie book I read— Garbo Laughs 

An interesting James Hong blog event taking place this week— She Blogged by Night 

An overview of the TCMfest, which starts this week— The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

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