Apr 16, 2012

Classic Links

Guest Classic Links

These are the last links you will see from me for the next two weeks. Starting tomorrow, I’ll hand the reigns over to eight talented bloggers for the next two weeks. This is going to be great fun. Please drop by and show them your support with lots of comments!

Now on to the links: 

Elizabeth Taylor’s love for jewels fascinates me. I like the way she considered herself a temporary custodian, rather than the owner, of these beautiful pieces. Now there’s apparently a new documentary about the Dame and her jewelry, but the article doesn't say what it's called or where it can be seen. Or am I missing something?—  The Times of India 

Taylor’s dog is in a custody battle. This sort of cracks me up. There’s articles being written about this dog and he has no idea. He’s probably thinking: food, walk, sleep, poop, repeat— Monsters and Critics 

I know I’m obsessing about this African Queen business, but I love this picture of Stephen Bogart on the boat— CBS News 

TCM Film Fest News:

Lovely Liza and company at the premiere of the Cabaret (1972) restoration (pics from the event are in the first five photos of this gallery)— Washington Post 

The Cinementals have been providing excellent coverage of the event. Here’s their half-time report— The Cinementals 

An interview with Stanley Donen, who made three appearances at the TCM Fest— LA Times 

Kim Novak: the handprint ceremony at Grauman's, her regrets about leaving Hollywood and her revelation that she has bipolar disorder— Laist


  1. There are some couples/characters on screen I wish had been real. Bogart and Hepburn in The African Queen are one such couple. Love that movie.

  2. I just watched African Queen thingy, and I know what you mean. They had such playful affection for each other. It was hard to believe they were acting.