Apr 19, 2012

Guest Classic Links: Jessica of Comet Over Hollywood

Comet Over Hollywood is a lively, loving tribute to classic movies. Jessica has lots of great ideas, from her series about music videos that reference the classics to her experimentation with the beauty treatments used by stars of the past. She also recently hosted the successful Gone Too Soon Blogathon. Thank you for agreeing to be a guest linker Jessica!


KC here at Classic Movies features weekly links from classic film blogs and sources, a feature I’ve always really enjoyed. KC was gracious enough to invite me to share interesting movie links as I found around the interweb. Here are a few that I would like to share that were posted in the past few days:

My friends Katie and Hilary run Scarlet Olive blog. Hilary wrote a fun fictional piece about World War II soldiers attending the Hollywood Canteen. I thought this was a really creative way to present film knowledge and a great way to show off her creativity. Scarlet Olive

A movie is in the works about the making of Psycho (1960) starring Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock, Helen Mirren as Hitch’s wife Alma and Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh. In my opinion, both of the female roles were horribly miscast, but Hopkins doesn’t seem like a terrible choice. Photos of Hopkins in full Hitchcock make up came out on Wednesday. He doesn’t look terrible, but might look more like Mr. French from the 1960s television show Family Affair than the great director. Yahoo Movies

I remember seeing Man with a Cloak (1951) for the first time six years ago and being disappointed in my heart throb Joseph Cotton’s role. I also didn’t like Barbara Stanwyck’s bad girl role. Throw in Leslie Caron and it’s also just a plain weird cast. I enjoyed the review over at True Classics and agreed with her evaluation.

The Self-Styled Siren never disappoints with her posts, but I enjoyed this one in particular about actor modesty. She lists actors such as Robert Mitchum who said their own movies bored them or Ava Gardner who thought the Barefoot Contessa was horrible. Excellent read. Self-Styled Siren

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  1. Thanks for the links Jessica! I'm curious about that Hitchcock movie, but I have the feeling it'll be one of those biopics that make me shout at the screen. So it would probably be best to catch that on DVD!