May 30, 2012

Classic Links: The Mary Pickford Edition

Here are some more odds and ends about Mary Pickford that I've run across recently:

This diverse collection of Pickford magazine covers spans several years of her career-- Lucy Who 

The National Film Preservation Foundation is streaming a beautiful print of the Biograph short Ramona: A Story of the White Man’s Injustice to the Indian (1910), in which Pickford makes a rare, curl-free appearance in a dark wig in order to portray a Mexican-- National Film Preservation Foundation 

I don't see the resemblance to Mary Pickford as mentioned in this post, but I do think Lily Rabe is an interesting choice for the biopic. She seems to have the necessary intelligence and sensitivity to play the part. (Interesting that she is Jill Clayburgh's daughter.)-- IMDB 

More about the biopic--Collider

And maybe Jude Law as Douglas Fairbanks? Hmmm--Film School Rejects

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