May 7, 2012

Classic Links

What timing! Not long after I announce the Mary Pickford Blogathon, here's the announcement that there will be a biopic based on the biography, Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood, by Eileen Whitfield. Maybe we will have a Mary renaissance? I'm very curious about the casting for this-- Hollywood Reporter 

Speaking of the Pickford blogathon--I've got a lot of updates. There are going to be some fun guests--in addition to all of the fantastic bloggers who are already signed up--and a book giveaway. Stay tuned.

So many blogathons coming up. They all look like fun too. Here's a great round-up. I need to add some of these banners to my sidebar-- True Classics 

This leading man tournament looks interesting as well-- Journeys in Classic Film 

The more I learn about Audrey Hepburn, the clearer it becomes that she was a total goof. Just one more thing to love about her. Astaire is so elegant that he is even graceful when he is being silly-- Flying Down to Hollywood 

I'm obsessed by this Lois Weber film, Suspense (1911). Her technique was so sophisticated. It is also, true to its name, a very suspenseful ten minutes-- YouTube 

This review of the 1940s Gershwin biopic is interesting. There are a lot of true-to-life details in the flick that I wasn't aware of. There are of course also a couple of fabricated romances, but that's Hollywood. For some interesting tidbits about Gershwin, The Astaires, which I reviewed last week, is a good source-- NPR

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  1. Thanks a bunch for the shout out!

  2. By the way, I'm having trouble finding Pickford's films (I'm doing A Little Princess). I know there's a copy out there but any word on if her work is available on DVD?

  3. Look for the Frances Marion documentary "Without Lying Down" from Milestone. One of the special features is "A Little Princess."

    It's out of print, but I found it at the library.