May 9, 2012

Classic Links

An argument for 1933 as the greatest year in film. I love pre-codes too much to deny this-- Acidemic 

Fantastic: film noir posters featuring Joan Crawford and her lovely, swoopy eyebrows-- Where Danger Lives

A review of Hot Cars (1956) with Joi Lansing, a performer who is about a lot more, and maybe even above, acting skill (and I’m not talking about boobs, though you could make that argument)-- Noir of the Week 

I get so bored of Gone With the Wind, but these tidbits about the book are pretty good-- Mental Floss 

Since I'm already talking about books, might as well add this post about Maurice Sendak. Another lucid genius gone-- Mental Floss

All these vintage photo, poster and film discoveries interest me. It makes me wonder what other treasures are out there waiting to be found-- The Hollywood Reporter 

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