May 23, 2012

Classic Links

Helen Slater in a silent film! It's like someone was listening in on my dreams. This little gem predates The Artist in its attempt to capture the spirit of the past. There's some interesting twists, including a switch to color and a modern setting. Funny stuff-- Movie Crazy/Leonard Maltin 

Deborah Kerr: What Lies Beneath. This is an interesting four-part profile that emphasizes Kerr's sensuality-- Alt Film Guide 

Another successful year of For the Love of Film ends. Since the White Shadows project still needs funding, I'm going to leave the donate button up on my sidebar for a while-- Self-Styled Siren 

Jakarta's film archive is in dire condition. It sounds like a rich library of titles is at risk-- The Jakarta Post 

Lindsay Lohan in her wardrobe choices for the Lifetime Taylor/Burton flick. Sigh-- TMZ

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