Aug 17, 2012

Classic Links: Mae West Birthday Edition

Today is Mae West's birthday. I'm celebrating by sharing some videos I've been storing in the Classic Movies archives for far too long:

I love this Dick Cavett interview with Mae West. She's clearly telling some well-worn anecdotes, but she's got a charming way of telling them. Embedding is disabled for this link, so you'll have to leave me for a while to watch it-- YouTube

Mae West singing Light My Fire. Kind of horrible, kind of awesome. The sirens are a nice touch.--


I love this footage of West's 1957 Vegas act. It's silent footage accompanied by her songs. She sure did like her muscle men (now I know what my grandma's summer sandals would look like on a guy).--

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  1. These are great videos. Thank you for sharing them with us..

  2. I've had them bookmarked for so long--I thought I ought to set them free!