Oct 12, 2012

Classic Links

I think Anthony Hopkin's Hitch looks promising, and I love that Alma Hitchcock is featured in this film--YouTube

Georges Méliès's Robinson Crusoé film resurfaces in Pordenone. There have been so many wonderful early film discoveries lately. It makes me wonder what else is out there waiting to be discovered.--The Guardian

I love this profile! 105-year-old Sadie Mintz used to rent jewelry to the movie studios. She even supplied Marilyn Monroe's earrings for Some Like it Hot (1959).

I don't see how Tippi Hedren could have been a "big star," but I do think it's sad that the man who discovered her also destroyed her career.--NY Times

This is a great profile of Lana Turner. Fantastic photos too--The Classic Screen

I never get tired of the story about Cary Grant being offered the role of Bond--The Guardian

Nicole Kidman is too Nicole Kidman-ish for me buy her as Grace Kelly--Alt Film Guide


  1. Great story about Sadie Mintz, the jeweler to the stars. Her shop's landlady was Mary Pickford! This is why I love old Hollywood.

  2. Wasn't that wonderful? It makes me want to go visit that skinny little shop with the recessed displays.

  3. Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly? I'd think Scarlett Johansson would be much better, but maybe Kidman will pull it off.

    I'd love to have seen Cary Grant play James Bond. He'd have been so great!