Oct 19, 2012

Classic Links

I'm curious about The Girl--the Hitchcock/Tippi Hedren biopic. Sienna Miller seems to do well playing real people. Her personality doesn't overwhelm her performances--

I've always loved the poster for The Come On (1956), but never had a clue about the movie. This review makes it sound pretty good, but I can't picture anything living up to Anne Baxter's pose. If movies were just like their posters, I'd probably never do anything else but watch them--
Noir of the Week

An interesting article about costumes in the movies, including several classics, written to mark the opening of a new exhibit in London--
The Guardian

This is a fascinating interview with Kim Novak. I love the anecdote about her and Jimmy Stewart on the set of Bell, Book and Candle (1958). I think I may have heard it before, but I like the way she tells it here--
The Telegraph

A great tribute to the best of Miriam Hopkins' work: the movies from her pre-code era--
Immortal Ephemera

This book of D.W. Griffith interviews sounds interesting--
Alt Film Guide


  1. Thanks, KC, so glad you liked my Miriam Hopkins tribute!

  2. I never thought about how important she was in pre-code pictures. It really was the best part of her career.