Oct 26, 2012

Classic Links

Rear Window is coming to Broadway? Actually, I can see how that could work--About.com

The life and times of the MGM lion. I've always thought the first lion they used had such a funny looking mane. Kind of mullety looking--Mental Floss

This biography is a beautiful start to the Carole Lombard Filmography Project-- Backlots

How to be Cleopatra Taylor-style for Halloween--Comet Over Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor is now the highest-earning dead star, which is a good thing, because I think most if not all that cash goes to her AIDs foundation--The Guardian

Though Jeanne Eagels didn't have film acting figured out, there's no denying how magnetic she is in The Letter (1929)--Noir and Chick Flicks

I didn't even know color footage existed of Monroe's birthday serenade to Kennedy. It makes me sad that investors are becoming increasingly interested in movie memorabilia. I always hope that these items will go to people who love them and want to share them with others--MSNBC

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