Nov 30, 2012

Classic Links

It was a huge bummer that Liz & Dick ended up being so--boring. I was going to write about the movie, but I realized I didn't even feel like talking about it. I mean, eh. I've been consoling myself by watching this clip of Elizabeth Taylor putting on her eye make-up. Glamour.

I love this recent interview with Leslie Caron. She makes a good point about the kinds of film roles older female actors tend to be offered--NPR

The photography of Yul Brynner--Movie Morlocks/TCM

The piano from Casablanca (1942) is going up for auction. I wonder how many legendary props and costumes are left to be sold? It seems like they're being offloaded at an alarming rate these past couple of years--The Guardian

A good question: With 35mm film dead, will classic movies ever look the same again?--The Atlantic

This is a truly original list of holiday gift ideas for the classic film fan. No DVDs, and plenty of great inspiration--Out of the Past

The Siren has also compiled a classic film book gift guide. It somehow manages to be personal and universal at the same time--The Self-Styled Siren

Simon Callow's review of Richard Burton's recently published diaries makes it sound like it has one booze story after another. I wonder what his life would have been like if he didn't drink?--The Guardian

An interview with Kim Morgan about her recent Marilyn Monroe piece in Playboy. She pays tribute to Hugh Hefner's huge contribution to classic film--Sunset Gun

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