Nov 9, 2012

Classic Links

What? Baby Peggy doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? We've got to do something about this! Check out this indiegogo campaign and pitch in-- Indiegogo: A Star For Baby Peggy

And I know that this is a movie blog, but I can't help posting a pitch for the Red Cross as well. There are still a lot of cold, struggling victims of Sandy on the east coast--Red Cross

This proposed sequel to Casablanca sounds like it has an interesting story and background, but I think they should leave it alone. Can you really make a sequel to perfection?--/Film

I love this pic of shoe designer Ferragamo with Audrey Hepburn. You hardly ever see her look put out like that. It's hilarious! There's also an amazing shot of the designer surrounded by the shoe forms of the famous ladies for whom he designed-- Blame Mame

Great giveaway: comment during the month of November at Film Noir Blonde to be entered in a drawing to win a Sunset Boulevard DVD--Film Noir Blonde

This great new site gives classic film fans information on screenings around the world. It's helpfully arranged by region-- Classic Screenings

A little something about The Red Balloon (1956). I must have seen this movie every year at elementary school--Mental Floss

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