Dec 21, 2012

Classic Links

It's always exciting to hear the new selections for the National Film Registry. This year, I'm particularly excited to see Born Yesterday (1950), Kodachrome Color Motion Picture Tests (1922) and Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) on the list. The diversity of the selections always impresses me.--/Film

Check out the entries for year two of the Dualing Divas blogathon--Backlots

I'm fascinated by the genuine friendship that has developed between Sienna Miller and Tippi Hedren since the former played the later on film--The Guardian

I love this: Leonardo DiCaprio bought the Casablanca piano with a friend so that they could donate it to the Los Angeles County Museum of

I've never seen any of these classic holiday pics before. They're so charming--Pictures

Shirley Maclaine amazes me. She's led such an intriguing life. This article about the real life subjects of Bernie (2011), which stars Maclaine, is interesting in many ways, but I was particularly struck by how this versatile star has continued to play strong roles, and how much life seems to fascinate her. I can't wait to watch her with Dame Maggie in Downton Abbey--The Telegraph

Frank Langella has interesting ideas about human relationships and technology. He comes off a bit more considerate here than he does in his autobiography Dropped Names, which I recommend.--The Guardian 

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  1. Thanks as always for the interesting links!

    My dad enjoyed Langella's book and recently passed it on to me, haven't started it yet.

    Best wishes for a happy Christmas!

  2. I'd be curious to see what you think of the Langella book. I found it extremely interesting, but I often felt he could unfair, even cruel to his subjects. Especially women.

    Thanks for dropping by Laura--happy holidays!