Dec 28, 2012

Classic Links

I love this publicity photo for the 1936 movie Ceiling Zero! There's no way you'd see a group of actors posing this way, at least unironically, today. They pull it off though. From left to right: Pat O'Brien, Martha Tibbetts, James Cagney, June Travis &Stuart Erwin.

This is fantastic: Laura had the opportunity to interview Coleen Gray (Nightmare Alley, The Killing) for Dark Pages. Here's an excerpt and info. about the magazine--Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

I love this make-up guide for movies in the early days. You really had to put on some ugly stuff to look gorgeous on film.--Old Hollywood Glamour

Another fun blogathon: 31 Days of Oscar. Looks like there are lots of opportunities to participate--
Once Upon a Screen

RIP Gerry Anderson, the man who brought Supermarionation to the world, most famous for the hit UK show Thunderbirds. I love the the high quality of Anderson's productions. The costumes, sets and marionettes are always so beautifully executed-- From The Guardian: Obituary, Gallery

A lively gallery of classic actresses on the brink of fame. Don't they all just seem to be bursting with energy?--Life

If you love all the rare flicks you can see on the Internet Archive (including loads of Pickford titles), why not donate to their current fundraising drive?--Internet Archive

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