Jan 11, 2013

Classic Links

I love Karen Morley and her warm, gurgly voice. Here's an interesting interview she gave in 1999. It sounds like she was an intelligent, compassionate woman--Let's Misbehave

Can't get enough of Shirley MacLaine these days. Here she talks about Downton Abbey. I like how nicely she fits into the show. No gimmick casting feeling--NY Times (Via The Sheila Variations)

This is an excellent photo review of The Girl (2012). It's made me really want to see the film, and I wasn't so sure I wanted to before--My Love of Old Hollywood

A nice profile of Jeff Masino of Flicker Alley. People like this are so important to classic movie fans. They work hard to give us access to films that could otherwise fade away--Fandor

My daughter asked me about flying saucers the other day, so I Googled them to give myself a visual aid. This interesting gallery came up. I think my favorite movie saucers are from The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet, though I do giggle when I think of those paper-platey things from Plan 9 From Outer Space--Time

Monty of All Good Things has a wonderful Tumblr account. Lots of gorgeous shots--Carole and Friends

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my "Many Greats Are Still With Us" list. It's grown a lot since I first posted it--Classic Movies

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for my Tumblr page KC. MUch appreciated!

  2. I'm glad you let us know about it Monty. It always amazes me how many gorgeous classic movie star pics are out there. It seems like a lot for a relatively short period of time. Those ladies must have been posing all the time!