Feb 15, 2013

Classic Links

A few great Valentine's Day posts:

I think I got one of the shots in this challenging movie kiss quiz (that is Auntie Mame in the first pic, right?)--Another Old Movie Blog

One of my favorite things in the world: a kiss on the hand--Pictures

Vintage Hollywood's Interracial Valentines: such charming photos. I love the affection you can sense from these happy couples--Film Noir Photos


A tribute poster with every best picture winner as shown by Oscar statues. This was so much fun to explore. I especially love the one for West Side Story (1961)--Mental Floss

About the process of selecting the Oscar memorial list, which almost never fails to miss someone I adore. With 500 candidates this year, I can see how it would be a difficult job to choose a few dozen--New York Times

A history of Hooray for Hollywood, the jaunty, but somewhat bitter Tinseltown anthem--NPR

Gloria Swanson in her clowning days. She makes those knee socks work--She Blogged By Night

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