Feb 22, 2013

Classic Links

Seriously, was Gloria Swanson ever boring? This is a great interview from 1969--The Guardian

A fun look at young Lana Turner, in These Glamour Girls (1939), already looking like a star--Out of the Past

Several titles from The Rohauer film library, now the Cohen Film Collection, will be restored and released to the public. This is big news for a lot of reasons, but I'm particularly excited to see that my favorite Keaton flick, Sherlock Jr., is in the collection and one of Valentino's best: Son of the Sheik, is slated for re-release.--LA Times

Thanks to Chris of Silent Volume and Mr. Monkey, French filmmaker Louis Feuillade is now on my radar. I'd heard of his Les Vampires before, but I didn't realize how influential he was.

There's going to be a new Taylor/Burton biopic, with Helena Bonham Carter starring as Ms. Elizabeth. Well, that should be interesting. That's all I ask of a biopic anymore--The Onion/AV Club

This gallery of Kim Novak is so candid. I wonder if they'd do that with a star today? It reveals a lot about her personality--Life

Look at this! A photo of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. tossed into the mix at Huffington Post. I think the tide is really changing. Mary is starting to regain her proper place in our culture--Huffington Post

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  1. Terrific photos of Kim Novak! Love all the men looking at her, right in the first picture. Also the one where she's laughing -- number 9, I think. LIFE always has the best pictures!

  2. I love the photo with the men too! I'm sure that happened to her a lot. I love LIFE pictures because they always seem to capture the real person. I'd heard that Novak was an introvert and not so sure about the attention she got from stardom, and yet there were certain experiences that came of it which she relished. I feel like you can see that in these photos.