Feb 8, 2013

Classic Links

A great post about how Lauren Bacall got her start in show business, but even if you didn't care about movies (does anyone like that exist?), it's a fantastic motivational piece--Movie Star Makeover

There's a nifty new WAMPAS Baby Star page up at Immortal Ephemera. It's a lot of fun and a great resource. It's amazing how many of those young actresses went on to successful careers--Immortal Ephemera

This article has some illuminating, and sometimes surprising, passages from Alec Guiness' personal letters and diaries, which were recently acquired by the British Library--The Guardian

Well this is exciting news: Warner Archives is beta testing a new streaming service. Sign up here to get an invitation code and check it out--Warner Archive Instant

I love this clip of Marilyn Monroe playing badmitton with writer Norman Rosten's daughter. It's only a few seconds, and the quality isn't very good, but she is radiant. You can see how powerful her aura was, even in a casual setting. She was born to be a star:

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