Mar 15, 2013

Classic Links

Weirdos, green grass, Spanish hot dogs? This spot with Joan Crawford is supposed to be a promo for Pepsi, but all the talk about meat, God and rhubarb has got me confused. Man do I love Joan--Village Voice

This is what it sounds like when you show 5-year-olds a silent movie (I know this to be true)--Sound Cloud

Confessions of an old movie weirdo. I can relate--Cinematically Insane

An interview with Michael G. Ankerich, author of the fantastic new Mae Murray biography (which I reviewed). This is an interesting glimpse of the process of researching the book. I would recommend this biography to any class film fan, whether you know Murray or not.--Immortal Ephemera

Colleen Moore's final silent flick, thought to be lost, has been restored. It sounds like a lot of fun--Warner Archives

I love the idea of a movie set museum. What films would you pick? The post suggests Casablanca, which works for me. I'm also thinking My Man Godfrey, just about any Rogers and Astaire movie and Auntie Mame's kooky apartment--Mental Floss

How they made The Blob. I didn't realize somebody was still holding on to the original version. I wonder if it smells bad?--The Criterion Collection


  1. Thanks for the link, KC! After setting it up on the blog I got a little worried I asked too much about process and not enough about Murray, so I was especially glad that you enjoyed the unexpected spin.

  2. This may be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to food stores, but speaking for myself, I want a red one.

  3. Cliff--I feel like I do the opposite, whenever I'm in front of an expert, I want to learn as much as possible about their subject, so I never learn as much as I would like about the process. Especially in the process of writing a biography, there are always so many interesting stories. The people behind the subject and the detective work involved in learning about them.

    Seriously Who, hook me up with every color. I'm thinking Christmas tree decorations? A very Weirdo Christmas?