Mar 22, 2013

Classic Links

There's going to be a Mary Astor blogathon from May 3-10. It looks like this is already going to have a great turn-out. Isn't that a great banner?--Tales of the Easily Distracted

A tribute to Francoise Dorleac, a fascinating actress and one of the biggest gone-too-soon bummers in movie history--The Lady Eve's REEL Life

A photo of Marilyn Monroe for each year of her life. So many changes over such a short period of time--Warner Archives

Forget Sound of Music sing-along screenings, this pool is hosting a "swim-along" with Jaws--The Guardian

This is an interesting idea: what movie character(s) would you marry, if any? I don't have an answer for that question myself--Vintage Film Nerd

I can't believe Anthony Perkins made an Oatmeal Crisp commercial as Norman Bates. What the heck? You can see that below, but here are a few more Bates facts--Mental Floss

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