Mar 29, 2013

Classic Links

Well this is exciting! Harold Lloyd's Safety Last is going to be re-released. That is one I will definitely need to see on the big screen--Criterion Cast

I love this beautiful post about Louise Brook's iconic style in Pandora's Box (1929). The costumes in this film are so timeless that you could wear most of them today and look completely modern--Glamamor

There are some fascinating tidbits in this brief tribute to Lee Marvin. I didn't realize he spoke out for gay rights after Stonewall--The Guardian

That Marvin piece made me think of the crazy interview he had with Roger Ebert in 1970. I don't know if you could accurately call this an interview though--Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times

Hollywood's History of Putting Gay Rights on Trial--NPR

The tour of nine early Hitchcock films sounds like a

This is an interesting history of film opening sequences--Slate

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