Mar 8, 2013

Classic Links

Peter Sellers made a home movie with his pregnant wife Britt Ekland and a bunch of fancy friends in 1964. If anything, watch it for the bit with Princess Margaret-- Open Culture (via @brainpicker, whom I highly recommend following, interesting stuff.)

This gallery of classic movie kisses is amazing. It must have taken so long to put together!--Once Upon a Screen…

I love this review of the beautifully devastating History is Made at Night (1937)--Pussy Goes Grrr

Are romantic comedies dead? Christopher Orr seems to think so. I haven't thought much about that (don't see many new movies anyway!), but I thought the brief social history of the rom-com after the article was interesting--The Atlantic

So Macy's is releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection--The Recessionista

Do they really mean Marilyn Monroe? Because after looking at that gallery, I'm thinking Daisy Mae, with a hint of '60s era French movie hooker, as envisioned by Hollywood, and a dab of '80s Madonna--The Fabulous Report

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  1. Thanks for pointing the way to that Atlantic article on rom-coms - very interesting, and I have certainly seen a few terrible ones in the last few years... though I do think it is true, as one or two commenters say, that the article compares classics of the past with some of the worst comedies being made now! Judy