Apr 19, 2013

Classic Links

I need to check out Dietrich's ABCs. It sounds crazy and brilliant--Sunset Gun

This is a beautifully written post about using cinema to cope with tragedy. There's some good advice in here, in addition to a good list of movie recommendations--Backlots

An epic examination of the gloomy and decadent pre-code Wonder Bar (1934), with lots of attention given to the notorious Going to Heaven on a Mule number. There's lots of things I never realized about blackface here--Acidemic

Hopefully this new Ray Harryhausen documentary will soon stream in the US. It can now be streamed in the UK and Ireland are in luck though, you can watch it online now: "The HD stream of the movie is available to watch on a pay-per-view basis for £2.99." Anyone can watch the trailer though. It cracks me up how almost all the directors in the promo make the same spreading motion with their hands--The Guardian

I love the line-up for next season of TCM Essentials Jr., but I agree with Will that there should be at least one silent. My kid adores them!--Cinematically Insane

Interesting question: have classic movies ever influenced your wardrobe? My wardrobe is all about convenience and comfort, but it would be fun to put together an outfit like in this post--Java's Journey Exploring Classic Movies

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